Elevate Your Restaurant’s Revenue and Reputation

To increase your revenue per seat we are using intelligent automation system which is capable of suggesting best available seats for all diners. The first comers will get the best experience to encourages them leave a positive feedback and come again.To gain more diners we are using all available free social media and paid ads to promote your restaurant. For promotion we use best ads templates adopted for your restaurant, which worked to increase the attendance.

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PepperPin is a transaction-based platform that operates autonomously 24/7 and doesn’t require human interaction/confirmation (but if needed changes can be applied by staff in real-time), it manages your guest list, manages delays, reminds diners to not forget to come or move their reservation, keeps diners’ preferences and collects feedback. We do our best to exclude human factors and assure the best table turnover.Absolutely, the system offers real-time updates and instant notifications to your staff, keeping them informed about reservation statuses and guest arrivals, enhancing coordination and service efficiency.

Elevate Your Dining Experience with Our Intuitive Reservation System

The reservation system features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for both staff and customers to make, modify, and manage reservations conveniently.Pepperpin the reservation system provides comprehensive reports and analytics on table occupancy, peak hours, and customer preferences. These insights aid in data-driven decision-making, strategic planning, and optimizing operations.

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